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Why Business Hosting?

This type of hosting is specifically configured for businesses. Every big web hosting company has a Business Hosting Plan. Business hosting is also shared hosting, but comes with special features like separate storage, bandwidth, customizable web security and content caching software.

How much web storage do you need?

Well, it depends on the type of activities done on your website. File storage, database storage, daily backups, email storage are the main resources to store. Definitely, you don't need unlimited storage. In reality, there is no such thing as "unlimited storage".

What actually happens with "unlimited storage": Your files are mixed and stored with the website files of other businesses. Storage size is adjusted to meet the needs of website content. Larger websites get the priority. This affects your SEO negatively as google bots have to scan more files and don't differentiate your website files from others.

To make a long story short, your website may not be ranked according to your expectation.

Most commonly we call it "more than enough" when,
File storage is: 1GB per website
Email storage is: 5GB per Mailbox

DIT Web storage is a customizable, limited storage system. It keeps your files separated and independent of other websites. As your website gets larger we increase your storage space as needed.

What is caching software?

In simple words: These software systems help sites load faster. This is an additional facility that DIT offers all clients on our hosting platform. Some other hosting companies may charge extra for this.

Does my hosting server need a multi-core processor CPU?

** CPU - Central Processing Unit

A fast single core or a multi-core CPU do basically the same thing. When do you need a multi-core CPU? You may not need a service from a multi-core CPU if your application does not require it.

An example of when you would need a multi-core CPU:
You have two websites. Both have separate databases. Now you want to make a third website taking data from the existing databases for better indexing and traffic. Multi-core processors allow multiple databases to be consolidated onto a single server by increasing memory bandwidth.

Does Server location matter?

Sure. Say you are targeting Canadian customers and you have a United Kingdom server and IP address. The data has to travel across the Atlantic Ocean, so latency and download speed will be a bit slower than if you were around the same area as your intended market.

Every second counts. Site speed is literally money when it comes to your website.


Amount of time your website is available and functional. Largely depends on hardware. A high quality plan ensures a good performence and uptime. Keeping uptime, "Up" is costly, because of a high quality server hardware and its maintenance.

Which base Stack to choose?

** Base Stack - Collection of hardware and software technologies that is used to run the hosting server.

All-in-one is not always good. You might get a beautifully painted house, with a poor foundation. In web hosting, the foundation consists of proper security firewalls, backups and email management.

Below is a simple overview of a Business hosting plan offered by DIT in comparision to some other hosting companies. When comparing value with value you will find the DIT hosting service to be top quality value.

Hosting Provider DIT Godaddy HostGator SiteGround HostPapa
Price $30/Month C$37.99/Month [free SSL included] $12.99 USD C$34.95/Month $21.99/Month
SSL $25/Month [$50,000 warranty, 1.25M Wildcard SSL] Standard SSL C$99.99/year Warranty 1.00M + Installation Fee $39.99 USD [warranty: $10,000 USD]+ Installation Fee SSL self-managed. Allow all third-party SSL. C$39.99 [No warranty]+ Installation Fee
Web Security Three tier Web Security (C$16 ~ C$33/Month) C$26.99/Month [12hrs wait on response time] C$50/Month ~ $39.49 USD Request Based Security Plan, includes Support Based Security Plan
Web Space 60GB 60GB Unmetered 30GB Unlimited
Bandwidth Highly customizable, default 10GB Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered Unlimited
Email Accounts Highly customizable, Default 10 mailboxes Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered Unlimited
Back ups Free Backups Free backups Free backups Free backups Free backups
Base Stack Linux, Apache, Ngnix based plesk Panel Linux and Apache based cPanel/plesk Linux and Apache based cPanel/plesk Linux, Apache and Ngnix based cPanel Linux, Apache based cPanel
CPU 4 Cores (25% CPU usage for 90 seconds) 1 Core (25% CPU usage for 90 seconds) 1 Core (25% CPU usage for 90 seconds) 2 Cores (25% CPU usage for 90 seconds) 4 Cores (25% CPU usage for 90 seconds)
Location Markham, Ontario Phoenix Arizona. Houston, Texas. Chicago, USA. Burlington, Ontario
Uptime 99.99% 99.99% 99% 99% 99.99%

Security DIT GoDaddy HostGator SiteGround HostPapa
Back-up before Upgrade
WordPress Minor Updates
Plug-in Updates
Security Exploit Scans & Fixes
Security Installation of WP Fence
Web Application Firewall
Malware Scans
Malware Removal
Vulnerability Scans
Spam & Blacklist Monitoring & Removal
DDos (Multiple Attacks) monitoring
Yearly/Quarterly/Monthly audit

Base Stack Plan DIT GoDaddy HostGator SiteGround HostPapa
PHP Version5.2.7 to 7.2.x5.4 - to current5.5 - 7.05.5 - to current 5.6.38 - to current
MySql Version5.3 to current5.6.385.5 to current5.5 to current 5.5 to current
Contents Served From SSD
Contents Served From Cloudflare CDN
Contents Served From Ngnix caching


Means flexible storage. If 3 different websites need 250MB, 1000MB and 10000MB storage, then the server will allocate 250MB, 1000MB and 10000MB storage respectively. There is no fixed limit.

**disclaimer: this information was culled from the websites of these companies in November, 2018. In some cases they may have additional offers or services that could not be found on the website.